Our Services

All classrooms are well equipped with state-of-the- art technology. They are well lighted, properly ventilated, air-conditioned and fully furnished to create a positive learning environment. Currently we are offering theory classes in English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu and Malayalam. Besides using the Traffic Handbook provided by Qatar Ministry of Interior, we have enriched our curriculum with audio/video visual aids and PowerPoint. We are also using up-to-date Traffic videos and news from Qatar and from the international arena to educate our students.

We use more than 100 units of sophisticated, manual and automatic transmission brand new vehicles for training with dual control. It consists of cars, motorcycles, trailers, trucks, forklifts, and more. Our instructors have extensive experience in the field of driving which will assist to transform you into a safe and expert road user. Our ground training area is complete with all kinds of driving experiences, coupled with state of the art camera and sensor systems to accurately record and measure your progress while you drive.

Our training area is impressive and capable of practicing all types of driving maneuvers. They are designed to simulate driving in the real world where students are exposed to intersections, roundabouts, turns, parking and several other driving maneuvers.

We are also proud to introduce the new practical testing system to obtain a drivers license in the State of Qatar. Moreover, for motorcycle we have a separate training area within our facilities.

Our fleet consists of more than 100 vehicles. We have dedicated vehicles for training, testing and transportation purposes. We offer training in manual as well as automatic transmission. All training, testing and transportation vehicles are serviced as per maintenance schedule.

We provide high-tech simulation units with well-trained crew to provide you a real time visual driving experience prior to the practical driving lessons. We also include virtual reality training, utilizing headsets that make you feel like you’re really in a vehicle, along with an interactive table that shows an overhead view of traffic flow in any situation imaginable

The whole training schedule is formulated using high-tech software which will benefit you in the completion of the course without any delays

We have an ophthalmology clinic on our premises under the certification of MOI for eye examination as per the convenience of students

We employ qualified instructors at the Institute who come from the same countries as our students and who are able, therefore, to instruct students in their primary language. One section of our Institute is solely for the use of our female students where female instructors and assessors provide training to ladies. Our standards are set at International levels and our driving coaching methods are continuously updated to make use of the latest driving techniques. In relation to ensuring our services are delivered effectively, we place great importance on customer service and our Customer Service Supervisor is always ready to assist students where necessary

Professional and highly motivated personnel from diverse backgrounds and cultures are proud members of Al Ijarah Driving Academy’s family.

We also provide transport for pick up and drop off from our respective outlets to our training center.

We have a traffic department office at our premises through which driving tests, license verification, and issuance of licenses is done.

Our professional team assures to provide you the best customer service in resolving any issues and fulfilling your requirements.

Our customers can enjoy a variety of appetizers and snacks at our hygienic, spacious and clean cafeteria that is open during working hours.

For the convenience of our staff and customers, a mosque is available on premises. It is cleaned and freshened on a daily basis for every ones comfort.