Light Vehicle

Students completing this course will be licensed to drive either a manual or automatic transmission light motor vehicle. Alijarah driving academy will be teaching students the safest and easiest way of driving in accordance to the Qatar Roads and the Ministry of Transport & Communications regulations. We will provide an overview of a basic light vehicle knowledge, traffic laws, reducing the risk of road deaths and injuries, and introduces participants to the cognitive skills required to drive safely.

Alijarah driving academy students master the skills of :

  • Getting familiar with the car control
  • Starting, Stopping and reversing in a straight line
  • Driving in figure eight
  • Serpentine Driving (Forward and Reverse)
  • Upshifting and Downshifting
  • Parallel Parking – Perpendicular Parking – Side Parking
  • Uphill and Downhill Driving
  • Emergency Braking
  • Left Turns and Right Turns and U-Turns
  • Negotiating Roundabouts
  • Changing Lanes and overtaking
  • Driving at intersections
  • Driving in real traffic
  • Driving on motorways

Courses Price List

Type of Courses Totals Prices in QR No. of Tests
Full Course 3250.00 2
Half Course 2550.00 2
VIP Full Course 5250.00 2
VIP Half Course 4250.00 2